There are many different ways people can spend their holidays. A lot depends on what season they take their holiday and how much money they have to spend. Winter holidays are usually spent skiing or snowboarding somewhere in the mountains. However, people can also escape from the cold weather and spend their winter holiday in a warmer climate.

Summer holidays offer a lot of choices. People can choose to stay home, take a holiday close to home, or go abroad for their holidays. Many people who have their own houses like to stay at home during their holidays. They enjoy working in the garden or making repairs to their house. Other people like to go to their summer cottages to enjoy their holidays. They might go swimming at a nearby lake or just spend the time working in their garden. Taking a holiday abroad is also an option if you have a little more money to spend. These kinds of holidays are more complicated to arrange. You have to get a passport and obtain any necessary visas for the countries where you will be travelling. You must arrange tickets for your transportation. If the distance isn't too great you can travel by bus or train, but if the country to which you are travelling is very far away, it is better to fly. Of course, there is always the option of going by hitchhiking or, if you have a car, you can go by your own car.

There are many types of holidays ranging from very relaxing to very adventurous. Some people like to go to the sea and spend the whole day relaxing in the sun. They want to do nothing physically active and they don't want any stress. There are some people who enjoy some light physical activity or sports. They might enjoy swimming, fishing, or hiking in the woods. Others go on holiday for thrills. They want extreme physical activity like water skiing, mountain climbing, or white-water river rafting. They might also enjoy going on a safari or on an expedition to an uninhabited area.

When I was in primary school, my friends and I would spend our summer holidays playing football and exploring the woods near our town. We had a special tradition to mark the end of summer. We would all get together and make a fire, then we would roast chickens over the fire. There was also singing and talking about the things we did during the summer. It was a very special night, we felt happy to be together but also sad that summer was ending.

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